Your portfolio app shouldn't exclude things like your options.

Why limit yourself to apps that only support public stocks and bonds? Holdings allows you to input and track over a dozen different types of items of alternative investments and holdings, including ownership in private companies.

Track everything in one place

If you own any stock or bonds, employee stock options, restricted shares, RSUs, Bitcoin, precious metals/bullion, property, or have invested in LP’s, Holdings is the app for you.

Holdings is the only app in the world to also support private companies.  Whether you work at a startup, have invested in your friend’s brewery, or inherited a tenth of your aunt’s dry cleaning empire, you can now track your ownership and assign a value to each share.

The footer of the net worth screen gives you a holistic view of your total net worth.

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View your employee grants

With one touch you can see your vesting schedule, what the options are currently worthMost people file away their grant paperwork until the day they leave or (hopefully) the company is acquired.  Others will labor to create spreadsheet models to track their grants. Nonetheless, they tend to forget about these grants and don’t have a way to get a holistic view of their worth.

Know what your net worth could be

Holdings includes a simple yet powerful simulator that allows you to calculate the potential worth of any of your stocks and stock options grants. Very useful on those late nights when you question staying or taking that corporate job.

Simply input three potential prices and the simulator will generate your estimated taxes (capital and/or income) and the pre and post tax net worth of each grant.

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Seamless sync across all devices

With Holdings, your portfolio is instantly everywhere.  Everything you track with Holdings pushes to all your devices, so your financial investments are always in sync, instantly. Your portfolio is safely hosted on encrypted Amazon Web Services.

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  • Rich, clean, simple screens to give you the data you want.

    Each item’s pages are designed with viewers in mind. Items are carefully crafted to quickly give you pertinent information wihout overstressing your eyes.

    For public stocks, you get beautifully rendered charts, pricing information, and news.  For private items, you

  • View what is going on in the world markets with one quick touch.

    View global stock markets in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. See currency markets. View the biggest US bonds and ETFs at a glance.

  • What are you worth at the moment?

    The footer summarizes your total net worth based on current stock prices, you vesting schedule, the values you have assigned to your private items, and to your taxes.

    From the settings menu, you can choose to include unvested items and to use post tax values only.

  • A single template to ease your item creation

    The tax profile will simplify and speed up the creation of every item you input.  Simply fill out the form, and it prefills all tax information for every item.  You can always change the profile, or edit the tax information while/after you create an item.

  • Quickly create entries.

    Adding stocks takes seconds. Holdins supports 20 international exchanges. Even track whether you made an 83(b) election.

  • Holdings is the only app to support tracking private companies.

    If your company is not in the apps database of 300k+ private companies, simply input the company yourself.

  • Precious metals, by the microgram.

    If you own bullion, whether by the troy ounce or a gram, you can use Holdings to track it.  We support gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

  • All grants generate a vesting schedule for your perusal.

    Holdings will automatically generate a vesting schedule for any and all grants you input into the system.  The schedule is accessible through the main menu.

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Available exclusively on iOS

Holdings requires iOS 8.0 or greater. Android support coming in 2016.

Idea behind Holdings

We’ve been there ourselves – owning a bunch of grants in a bunch of companies but not really knowing what to make of them other than knowing not to throw them away.

So after our good-but-not-awesome exit, we took the time to make some tools for ourselves. Thus was born a small number of financial mobile apps that help employees and investors track their various alternative investments.

Holdings was a labor of love, based on spreadsheets and models that we created for ourselves, taken to the next level.

Besides Holdings, we have released FundCall, an app for individual investors and/or employees of PE or VC funds.  It tracks a user’s various commitments, calls, and distributions to and form the funds.